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An east coast native, Kathy Cullen grew up in Westport, CT and graduated from Dean College with a degree in Visual and Fine Arts. She began her career as a graphic  artist in the publishing industry working outside New York City. Kathy is a 3rd generation graphic designer (her grandfather is a renowned logo designer) and creativity has always played a

major role in her life growing up. She moved to Pasadena in 1990 where she continued to work in publishing and advertising as an art director.  Over the years, Kathy began to help friends and family decorate their homes because of her strong interest in interior design and her keen eye for floor plan, color, space relations and home decor. 

Robyn grew up in La Canada and began her career over 20 years ago as an art director in the film and television indusrty. She worked on set design for numerous productions and quickly learned to juggle time constraints with project management.



about us

Founding partners and principal designers, Kathy Cullen and Robyn Navarro, bring together a mix of artistic talents that create a cohesive design balance.

Upon meeting one another in the mid 2000’s, Robyn and Kathy realized their interior design interests and aesthetic worked well together. They began consulting on various design projects for construction companies and staging the Altadena Home Tour houses.  They began NC Design Group to bring together their artistic talents and vision to create beautiful and liveable interiors.

Robyn Navarro

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Kathy Cullen

Interior Design

We offer full-service interior decorating / architectural direction services for large and small projects that include: 

Paint Schedule – Color palette plan for each room. We can
also help choose wallpaper, textures,
faux techniques and wall finishes, murals and more.

Space Planning – Traffic flow and furniture floor plans
that include space and furniture form and function

Window Treatments – Design, fabrication,
construction and installation

Furniture– Upholstery and furniture design and selection

Flooring– Area rugs, flooring materials selection, design and installation

Lighting– Custom lighting plans, design and installation

Finishing Touches – Accessories selection and staging


Are you bored with your home’s mundane style or just simply lost when it comes to decorating? Let us come into your home and spice it up! Many homeowners have difficulties realizing the potential of their homes and are happy to have us bring in a
fresh and creative eye. Whether it’s using your existing furniture and accessories or letting us do your personal shopping, we can take any space in your home and make it exciting again!

At NC Design Group we source hundreds of vendors, manufacturers and suppliers. We will organize, plan, create and execute based on your guidelines and priorities... from concept to